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Kung Fu Patch Bag With Julian Prince Dash

Mustafa Shaikh

For our latest release we teamed up with San Francisco based designer, Julian Prince Dash, to re-imagine our Waterproof Cordura Duffel Bag. Dash is known in the San Francisco clothing community for his customization work, which often involves the utilization of patches.

Tapping into the Wu Philosophy with him, we took inspiration from the patches kung fu students receive; students place these patches on their gym bags or uniforms.

After selecting a handful of patches we wanted to work with, Dash used them to create our Kung Fu Patch Bag. Limited to 25 bags, each bag is hand-sewn by Dash.

We linked up with Dash last week to capture him creating one of the bags in his studio. Check out the photo set below.

Kung Fu Patch Bag

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  • Airric Williams

    “I just traveled to San Francisco with my Cordura bag..wish I could’ve met him when I was there.”

  • Rhino Chee

    That bag is mad select nice, how do I get one and look fresh. Peace.

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