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Tim Westwood Freestyle featuring RZA, Math, and Reverend William Burke

Teddy Stratis

During our London PR leg, we dropped by Tim Westwood's show for a freestyle. Tim Westwood actually got a nice break as RZA & Math jumped on the turntables for it. 

A couple highlights to look out for: Mathematics freestyles on camera for the fist time, Reverend William Burke lays down some heat, and even 36 Chamber Co-Founder Mustafa Shaikh finds his way onto the camera.

Don't forget, for those fans that want the physical music, the Vinyl and CD for "Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues is now shipping! Each copy comes with an exclusive digital version of the album.


  • Ameena Beyah

    Peace to the whole wu tang clan and especially the brother Rza.

  • Masjid Ameena Beyah

    Peace ous, the ways of the world was against the people , they would do things but weren’t treated equal. / aNo rivalries nor bullies of no kind here./ I came to build not to destroy and to go to the employer and the employee, they come and cum up like a referee, they told me after that write a summary.

  • Ameena Beyah

    Peace and many blessings baraka. The words that are excerted is like in cursive and long ti.e to develop it.Just sitting back like a scribe a chain or two between me and you, So many peops so much sayings and so much doings they wait for a thrashing or trashing and the shakening.

  • Ameena Beyah

    Peace they said they have a thought process, they think that it is a whole new way ,living another day/ placing the days and conning in their ways./ Too much to see and too much to angle, they look at people as a holy angel/ Peace to the mind, body , and soul.

  • Ameena Beyah

    Peace , I may have got stuff confiscated doesn’t mean that I can’t help to elevate it./
    Making love to the ear, they afraid of me going junub, being a sexual nut, they say to leave you old cunt./
    What the chick still talking, could you handle that, I need to see , get rid of the so-called friends plus enemies, then it will just be just me and y’all, they said they reiki masters can heal without touching,/ they lied and they wind up f….n/
    Still starting at A Allah , B or born,
    All I requested was just to take me to go and see Wu Tang clan, I would ask my father but he returned back to essence,
    Want all the people’s skin to be glistening.
    All good in the hood, yet they talking about
    being sweet and neat, discreet and they said too sexy to be out of it, still trying to see what to predigest and ingest./
    Still rapping doing my “thang” , can dance yet they would be looking at that gluteous Maximus, looking at that derriere and braissiere,
    Whether the motel or the hotel,
    They want to get real and keep the sex appeal.
    If they look and compare, they still in the atmosphere, and the stratesphere./
    xx chromosome to the XY chromosome.
    All jiggy I wonder if a certain " somebody" going to do do me, to infinite?
    Well if a person comes or cums,
    Still trying to make sure there is no bums,
    Everybody get uplifted, now who is a jinn,
    They bringing too many people into my cipher, trying be an e-equality.
    Yet I heard there may be a people that still don’t want me to build, yet got the Peop’s
    in their own front center,
    Look before you leap, read between the lines , fine prints and things have been tampered with, yet they don’t bother me.
    What more can a person do ?
    Try to use trickology and trickologist, to using pychics , psychologist, and therapist to see what they can prove wrong?
    Yet they sit back trying to prove something wrong like whosoever wrote the song?
    No khanzier with us , they just got to speak up!
    Peop’s just want the beats and pump that ish in the streets.
    Inner as well as outer piece.

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