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Tim Westwood Freestyle featuring RZA, Math, and Reverend William Burke

Teddy Stratis

During our London PR leg, we dropped by Tim Westwood's show for a freestyle. Tim Westwood actually got a nice break as RZA & Math jumped on the turntables for it. 

A couple highlights to look out for: Mathematics freestyles on camera for the fist time, Reverend William Burke lays down some heat, and even 36 Chamber Co-Founder Mustafa Shaikh finds his way onto the camera.

Don't forget, for those fans that want the physical music, the Vinyl and CD for "Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues is now shipping! Each copy comes with an exclusive digital version of the album.


  • Ameena Beyah

    Peace To my people’s that like to use cleanliness as allahliness/ being clean and have virtue as a chastisement and guideliness/ Still coming with the slyness/ the ones to watch are the ones with the quietness/ still patrolling with the godliness/ stop the suffering and try the oddliness/ no curse but the individualism is supposed to not oppose but break down the sidelines and be the guidelines/… To be continued

  • Ameena Beyah

    Peace 1,2,3, for the mind ,ye seek and ye shall find/ what be a creeper a deep sleeper trying to read brains/ if I go and pop the coochie you know it be insane./ No more long term suffering and buffering than how can I ease the pain?/ Moving the thing like prophet Solomon and riding a swift cookie,/ they want to take and book me,/ yet in rap I am not a veteran but a rookie cookie/ still I want to earn respect not to neglect,sitting around would what or whom to select?

  • Ameena Beyah

    Peace and many blessings / I hope Wu Tang clan got all their lessons, if not, I still seek to give them all my blessings/ barakaratahu of course/ no I don’t have pms of cost I want the RZA to be my boss, whether flossing or blinging , whether rapping or singing/cooking or dipping while the politicians are polytricktions? / Seeking to toss them a mechanic , mathematician or electrian./ Still trying to learn Mathematics forreal/ if I’m a set up I couldn’t be forreal.
    Peace to the whole Wu Tang clan and their families!!!

  • Ameena Beyah

    Peace , a shout out to Wu tang clan, for making me feel big, when I felt uneasy about the status of props that got me in the streets/ trying to come up and perceive, with much assumption and a trail to climb all I know is there is no swine./ Reading is for the mind./ I feel the world as kind/ Ye shall seek and find/ Yet early to rise.

  • Ameena Beyah

    Peace, wearing tights and sweating from hip hop beats often insane,/ they thought it was psych until the catch of the mike,and branded it mad hype?/ Reaching for a better destiny to live and build, they come like the masses causing a lot of fitnah; sitting around talking about I’m that new niggaz./ Sweet as can be and icing on the cake/ let me get to an oven so that I can fix no pig, ya dig?/

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