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What You Request, Is What You Get

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Is that just a random temple on the newest 36 Chamber patch? And what’s up with that saying? Just like most things at 36 Chambers, there is a history behind the things we put out and the patches on the Hong Kong Bag are no exception.

Located in Hong Kong in north Kowloon is the Wong Tai Sin Temple. Named after the Taoist deity Wong Tai Sin, known for his power to heal and grant wishes this temple doesn’t just share a name with Wong Tai Sin they also share in power. With about 10,000 visitors a day, people from all over the world come to the Wong Tai Sin temple in hopes of their prayers being answered through the practice kau chim. Because of the many people the temple has helped spiritually the saying, “what you request is what you get”, has become a powerful and key phrase within those walls.  

Even for those of us who might not have the privilege of seeing the temple in person, it is important to keep that message alive in oneself. The Wong Tai Sin temple has provided guidance and peace for lots of people and hopefully by carrying a small piece of that message around it can be a reminder of that. At the very least, it’ll be a conversation starter.

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  • Bproper

    I sail for I am the seeker of wind, I meditate to balance the time spent learning to achieve what unifies in the deepest shades of simplicity I grow for a long reason of true cycle and the mind, body and soul of which unites rise to fall, achieve and mislead, life and death, the stories never told. True till death, dishonor is the property of the giver. I learn the most important virtues and see true beauty when I am a listener, loyalty is always a eternal gift for my family: brotherhood, sisterhood and the unexpected university of chance. God lives by your decision to get some real self awareness. The Wu family seal is layers of tradition and the art of war and the spirit that sharpens the blades of the sword of the soul be the keeper and protect for integrity.

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