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Wu Wisdom: The Math Behind 36 Chambers

Teddy Stratis

The following is an excerpt from the "Wu-Tang Manual" by RZA.

Mathematics is what we live. And the numerology side of it makes you aware of the connections between everything. Even if you talk about the thirty-six chambers: A student of the Wu-Tang sword school would master higher levels of technique. Each level, or chamber, that he climbed, he would near invincibility. If he was able to enter the thirty-six chamber, he was unstoppable to all but a fellow thirty-sixth-chamber Wu-Tang swordsman.

So, break it down. You have the thirty-six chambers, and there's nine members of the Wu-Tang Clan. Each member of Wu-Tang has four chambers of the heart. And what's nine times four? Thirty-six. There are thirty-six fatal points on the body, and that times ten degrees of separation between each point equals 360 degrees. Therefore, the Wu-Tang Clan is a perfect circle, a cipher.

Everyone in the Wu-Tang was alert to these natural connections, even before we made an album. It was part of the power we felt as a unit.

Additional Reading: "Kyushojutsu: Basic Theory" (specifically the numerology section)


  • Joseph Kosiba

    I’ve always been interested in Martial Arts my whole life. I find it amazing that all the points are precisely ten degrees apart. In the religion that I live now their are 9 realms on the world tree called Yggdrasil. also this is a metaphor for our Human mind, the microcosm and macrocosm. Each one of us is an World tree controlling the 9 personality traits within our mind. what I’m getting at is that after all the books I’ve read I came to learn that everything is connected in some way, that’s all. I really enjoy words of wisdom that can guide my path and help me make the right choices for a happy, and peaceful life. I give a big salute and hail to all the Masters and Enlighten ones for share the Way. Just wondering is the Hagakure The book of the Samurai still available. Always wanted to study tthis book ever since I senn the movie Ghost dog.

  • David Michell BARth

    360 is ge percentage to which the different powers to be is as Rome begins its rule.

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