Cloud Camo Passport Wallet

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The Cloud Camo Passport Wallet is made from the fibers of banana trees. These banana trees would otherwise be discarded, but instead find a new life through these wallets. The banana fibers are water-resistant, very durable and biodegradable. 

The wallet is printed with our cloud camo pattern that draws inspiration from Japanese forest spirits, Kodama, and Japan’s bamboo forests. In Japanese mythology kodama are spirits that inhabit trees. In Japan’s bamboo forests some trees can be found with hemp rope tied to them, this is a Shinto practice called shimenawa, trees tied with this rope are sacred and not to be cut down.

This wallet is expected to ship December 5th.


  • Made of fibers from discarded banana trees
  • PETA-Approved Vegan
  • Large sleeve fits passport—perfect for international travelers

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