Ghost Dog - Original Motion Picture Score - CD

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"Ghost Dog - Original Motion Picture Score" produced by The RZA is now available for purchase for the first time ever on vinyl and CD. This previously unreleased masterpiece is the first film score produced by The RZA and features appearances by Wu Tang Clan. The score will be available on deluxe limited edition vinyl, standard vinyl and CD (digipak).

This CD comes in a 6 panel digipak and features full color artwork from the original motion picture. Qualify for free U.S. shipping on this order when you purchase at least $100 of merchandise from 36 Chambers.


1. Ghost Dog Theme (w/ Dogs & FX)
2. Opening Theme (Raise Your Swords instrumental)
3. Flying Birds
4. Samurai Theme
5. Gangster Theme
6. Dead Birds
7. Fast Shadow feat. Wu Tang Clan (Version 1)
8. RZA #7
9. Funky Theme
10. RZA’s Theme
11. Samurai Showdown (Raise Your Swords) feat. RZA
12. Ghost Dog Theme
13. Fast Shadow feat. Wu Tang Clan (Version 2)
14. Untitled #8
15. Untitled #12 Free Jazz
16. Wu-World Order feat. Wu Tang Clan (Version 1)

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